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A couple of weeks ago I attended the seminar Europe’s Cities Fit for Future, that provided an exchange arena about the reform of the Leipzig Charter promoted by the German presidency of the EU. The moderator, Dorothea Palenberg, was incredulous when she read “Atlantic Cities” in the list of questions.

And, however, Europe has an Atlantic shore and Atlantic regions and Atlantic Cities.

And even Leipzig has an Atlantic side!

Don’t get me wrong. I recognise that I am finishing my PhD in Geography and that I have read too much and slept not enough. However, I can demonstrate what I am saying.

Just as a starter, in 2009, two years after the first Leipzig Charter was approved, the implementation project LC-Facil was launched. Rennes, the founder city of the Atlantic Urban Forum was among the partnership and the Atlantic Cities’ Association was part of the stakeholder group.

In 2018, Kieran McCarthy, Cork City Councillor, on behalf of the Committee of the Regions, he was in charge of the implementation assessment report on the EU Urban Agenda. And today, Juan Espadas Cejas, mayor of Seville, is the rapporteur for the CoR on the very same Leipzig Charter.

On September, the Executive Bureau of the Atlantic Cities agreed on a declaration requesting a Leipzig charter that also takes into account culture, health and the blue dimension of environment.

Last but not least, Atlantic Cities Association and its members will deliver twelve workshops on the urban dimension of EU policies, from territorial cooperation, to maritime policy, not forgetting green dimension, urban agendas, youth opportunities or the playful paradigm ; during the European Week of Regions and Cities.

Are you joining us?

Tamara Espiñeira

Secretary General – Atlantic Cities

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