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Marion Lobé-Elémé is a recently graduated from a master’s degree in Political science at the University of Rennes I. She did her end-of-course internship at Campus Mondial de la Mer being responsible for managing the international relations of the organization and informing about the EU regulation for the promotion of innovation.

Marion has developed a multidisciplinary approach to European projects addressing environmental issues. Even if before doing her internship she was not very involved with the maritime industry, Marion acknowledges that this experience has changed her vision of the sector and the female presence within it, “Women are not enough represented and the maritime field remains an area where men lead ”

Her vision of the Blue economy deepened when she learned about the many subdivisions within this sector “I was surprised to discover that the notion of blue growth was dealing with so many subjects: economical, legal, environmental… and the need to foster Global strategies for its development”; reason why she decided to do her thesis on Cities and Blue growth.

The thesis tackles the global strategy of local players in the specific field of Blue Growth and among her observations within this research Marion appointed that the contribution of Campus Mondial de la Mer has been important to local players, by helping to identify what is lacking and what can be improved in the sector. She seeks to continue her professional career in the field of European and international public affairs involving this topic.

Marion has approached the study of the Blue economy from an academic point of view that opened her the doors to the maritime sector, she invites other women to “persist even if it is difficult” because the mission is to build a sector that does not make a distinction between men and women.

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