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Camilla Bertolini is a young academic researcher in marine ecology at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, currently doing her post doctoral studies. She has developed special interest in species which live on the seabed and in particular shellfish. Camilla also manages a website called The Holistic Fish where she provides information on ecology and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Camilla had a typical middle class education and remembers always having had the motivation of her family members “My family inspired me to travel sustainably enjoying and appreciating nature from the sea to the mountains”.

Her love for the sea has no start date, since she does not remember the exact time at which she succumbed to its charms. As a child, Camilla was curious and kept diaries to describe the characteristics of the animals and marine plants, those she used to find when snorkeling. Passion that instead of disappearing over time, led her to choose a university career related to the ocean.

Camilla is part of the generation that does not see limitations on women and their relationship with the ocean “I do not like to see it as a matter of “gender battle” (the position of women in maritime affairs), but rather as an active integration. And I think things are improving on that direction, which is great news! ”

Nevertheless, she recognizes that in sectors such as the fisheries, there is still an old mentality that falls on the lack of habit of the fishermen to the female presence in command posts, which according to Camila can be resolved with understanding, training and cultural integration.

A woman like Camila is a great motivation for other young women who may not take the step towards a career in the maritime world due to misinformation or fear, she says: “Ask for help, from other women but also from male colleagues, as it is important to see another perspective!”

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