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Tracy Edwards is a British sailor known for being the first woman to command a female crew in the Ocean Race in 1989, for which she received the Yachtsman trophy, awarded to a woman for the first time.

Tracy’s life is full of records and recognitions; during her teenage years she began to get involved in a depth way with sailing and at the age of 23 she participated for the first time in a sailing competition.

In 1989 she had the initiative of gather a group of women to sail around the world in the Maiden, a yacht she bought herself when mortgaging her house, becoming the first skipper of the first all-female crew in the Ocean Race.

Tracy also was named the Athlete of the Year in 1990; all these recognitions encouraged her to dedicate her life to the sea while contributing to various causes in support of children with cancer and the education of girls.

In 2014 she started the Maiden Factor Foundation «Now I run The Maiden Factor which uses Maiden to inspire and empower women and raise funds and awareness for girls’ education”.

According to her words the situation of women in maritime affairs is “dismal”, she herself had to make sacrifices in a male dominated sector to accomplish her dreams.

Although not everything has been rosy, she still sends an encouraging message to women who may have a dream around the sea: “I cannot imagine doing anything else. I think women have a natural affinity with the Ocean. I would say give it a go!”

The whole career of Tracy Edwards is inspiring and she is an example of a She4sea that we are pleased to present.

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