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Céline Liret is the scientific and cultural director, and the curator of Oceanopolis. This ocean discovery park located in Brest is both an aquarium and a centre for scientific and technical culture. This park is mainly focused on the sea environment and aims at developing the general public audience’s sensitivity towards a sustainable use of ocean, by mixing both science and emotion.


In 1987, Sophie headed for Brest to study marine biology at the University of Western Brittany. She earned her PhD in Biological Oceanology in 2001. Her research work consisted in developing a multidisciplinary approach in order to study interactions between environmental parameters, maritime activities and marine organisms (dolphins). The results contributed to the creation of the marine nature park of Iroise and to increase awareness on ocean-related issues.


Employee since 1998 at Oceanopolis, Céline is currently developing a national and international network of public and private partners with oceanographic institutes, maritime actors, non-governmental organisations and local authorities. Her objectives are to initiate multi-stakeholder actions in a cross-sector approach involving oceanography, maritime innovation, scientific and technical culture, and biodiversity conservation.

Céline working on the development of mediation activities at the interface between science and society in order to promote marine knowledge and maritime issues.


Céline has always been attracted by the ocean, which has strongly guided her professional career. Although she studied biology, she said that “my interest in the maritime field was global and led me to develop a multidisciplinary and multi-actor approach”.


When we asked her about the current position of women in the maritime field, she noted that it is gradually evolving. The aim is also to achieve gender equality. However, she added that” “there is still a long way to go!” The challenges are to integrate more young women into maritime training courses and activities and to recognise skills and know-how regardless of the gender.


To women who might be reluctant to work in maritime affairs, she wants to say “Don’t hesitate, if you are motivated, passionate, you can!”

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