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Eileen Crowley is the Manager of Research & Innovation at the National Maritime College of Ireland. She has worked for 16 years in local and regional government in the field of strategic planning and sustainable development.

With a BA in European Development Studies and an MA in Town & Country Planning, she moved to the academic sector over 7 months ago with a focus on accessing research funding. She has worked on several maritime related projects over the years and has always been fascinated by the maritime environment and its potential to contribute to the sustainable development of an area.

This role gives Eileen an opportunity to influence the strategic direction and importance of maritime research so that it can make a real and tangible impact on the social, economic and environmental development of our region.

According to her, the Maritime sector is traditionally and remains to be a male-dominated environment. “More and more, however, we are seeing a greater female presence in this sector. I think this will continue to grow”. Eileen finds the maritime sector a really exciting environment in which to work, with a diverse and interesting group of people from all walks of life.

“The maritime sector itself is massively broad and diverse and offers huge potential for future growth and development with new and exciting developments continuously appearing on the horizon. There is something to interest everyone in maritime affairs with a demand for skills across a wide range of disciplines with plenty of opportunity for flexibility, skills transfer, and career progression”.




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