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Out of 15 excellent videos the International Jury had difficulties to select the winners for the Women in the Seafood Industry Video Competition 2018; two videos arrived neck to neck and they decided to keep four winners from Spain, Mexico, Canada, and India.

#1 Puntada Invisible

This video brought out the most clearly how women play important but undervalued roles in the fishing industry and are affected by health hazards in these roles – as well as being affected by the decline in the industry. This was a very clear message delivered by an authentic voice of a woman doing her work. She was able to make really complex and important points very effectively by just talking about her life, her work and her understanding of the situation.

#2 Mujeres del Mar del Cortés

This video, narrated by a selection of women’s voices, brings to life the underlying values and motivating principles behind a women’s co-operative. Women’s coops are covered by a few other films, but this one stood out as it clearly expressed the need for a better understanding of the environment and ecological sustainability, based on a commitment to the future of both their community and the local environment.

#3 Girls who Fish in Petty Harbour

This video addresses the question of challenging male-dominated stereotypes and the need to encourage women to participate in fishing. Challenging male stereotypes is covered by several of the films, but what made this one stand out was how it was able to also link to the importance of proactively encouraging women to take on fishing roles, so it is not just a few individual women, but becomes seen as normal for women to share in these roles. A great example of empowering young women to get on the water and to join commercial fisheries.

#3 The Invisible Hands

See how Ratna and other fishing families are so proactive in expanding their business via grants and setting up the Fish Nutri Carts! Very inspiring where women with imagination, and courage are paving new ways to mitigate their financial troubles.





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