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The Institut Supérieur d’économie Maritime of Nantes – Saint Nazaire (ISEMAR) published last June a study about the role of women in the French maritime sector. The study analyzes in detail the current situation of the French maritime sector in relation to women.

According to ISEMAR, the lack of knowledge of maritime activities, as well as the weight of the sociocultural traditions that animate maritime trades, considered male bastions, have always left little space for women. But these last two decades have emphasized the hiring of female personnel in the maritime sector. Currently, 35% of women are under 30, compared to 24% of men.

There have also been important changes in the reduction of barriers to employment. Although the physical fitness of seafarers is still a condition of the exercise of their profession, this discrimination, based on force, vanishes due to the mechanization of equipment on board ships and the development of technical assistance (forklifts, cranes). Sometimes forcing adaptation and modernizing the ergonomics of feminization messages improves everyone’s working conditions.

If you want to know more about the ISEMAR report, please click on the link.

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