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As president of the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, a city network representing more than 300 local authorities, I do not feel identified with the proposals issued by the Commission on February 14th. The suggested cuts and reorganisation of the multiannual financial framework do not respond neither to the expectations of the EU territories, nor to its citizen’s.

Cohesion is a principle, not a policy, and thus it cannot and shall not be bargained. Cohesion goes beyond solidarity, as it creates conditions for trade exchange and investment at local and regional level; bearing itself as a shield before asymmetric shocks, which are, by nature, unpredictable.

Moreover, we’re also very worried by the absence of concrete proposals for the Urban Agenda or the Maritime Policy despite both being identified as growth sources for the EU.

Even though we share some of the diagnosis, it is impossible to acknowledge the conclusions. For instance, we agree that we must “turn priorities into tangible results” but this desideratum should be achieved through concrete goals and not by random cuts in essential values that keep together the EU building.

Thus the Commission should take the subsidiarity principle into account and redraw their proposals, driven by this principle so dear to the European spirit.

CAAC Executive Bureau, in its meeting in Rennes on March 13th, will promote this debate so as to adopt a position.

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