Atlantic Cities

Gathered in A Coruña in 2015, the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities (CAAC) decided to create an Atlantic Urban Strategy. This plan aimed to reinforce cooperation between the Atlantic Cities as well as their position and interests in European policies and Urban Agenda.

The same year, the Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) initiative was launched by the European Union. The first projects funded by UIA are notably focused on energy transition and local employment. Even before the approval of the EU Urban Agenda, Atlantic Mayors anticipated the relevance of these topics in the Atlantic Urban Strategy.

In February 2017, reunited again in A Coruña, Atlantic cities recalled the importance of the local level for the construction of Europe, a month before Juncker’s speech. As a first response to the White Book, the Atlantic network furthered this view in its Atlantic and urban vision of Europe’s future.

It is therefore clear that policy innovation happens at the local level, especially in the Atlantic Arc. Thus, as to make Europe progress, it is paramount to include cities and their multiplier networks as fundamental instruments of cooperation, dialogue and growth.


Martin Joubert

CAAC Assistant in European affairs



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