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Anne Marie Treguier is a researcher, specialist of ocean currents and digital ocean models for forecasting ocean circulation and climate. She is currently the head of a multidisciplinary institute, the European Institute for Marine Studies (IUEM) in Brest, France.

Anne-Marie has a Ph.D. in oceanography. She has spent most of her career in Brest, but she has also worked in the USA and Australia.

To her, science is the best field to work when you are curious. She started at a time when computers were developed just enough to be used for the simulation of ocean dynamics, which was very exciting for Anne-Marie. She adds, “Now Europe is a leader in ocean forecasting and climate modelling, and this field is still growing at a fast pace.

According to her, the current position of women in marine research is variable depending on the country and the discipline. Overall, it is rather better than in some other fields like mathematics for example. In France, women are under-represented in geosciences, in applied mathematics and numerical simulation.

To women who hesitate to work in maritime affairs, she wants to say: “Be creative and choose a field where women don’t go often, this is where you will have the best opportunities.”

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