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Gwenaele Proutiere Maulion is currently the Vice-rector for Europe and International at the University of Nantes in France. She is also senior lecturer and researcher on maritime social law and gender studies, focusing on women status.

Gwenaele is a member of the centre of maritime and ocean law at the University of Nantes where she directed several collective works and studies on the common fisheries policy, the protection of biodiversity marine and combating maritime piracy. She has written or participated in 23 publications (2 as Coordinator) and 75 articles. Furthermore, between 2011 and 2013, she oversaw an in-depth study on the role of women in the maritime field. Her research and teaching specialties also include French fisheries law, seafarers’ rights and marine resources.

Gwenaele has a PhD in law, a diploma of Advanced Studies in the legal sciences of the sea and also an Academic accreditation.

To her, the position of women in the maritime field is still underestimated whereas “women are often the cornerstone of maritime communities”, adding that “Women who choose to work in this field are still involved years after and won’t choose another area”.

Nowadays, Gwenaele observes that women’s body, especially his alleged weakness, no longer appears as a constraint. Women appropriate a sailor identity which, at sea, takes over the female identity. However, we are underrepresented in this sector although this has slowly evolved over the last ten years.

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