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I am today writing these lines still saddened by the death of Benjamin Barber.

So, as a modest tribute, I am presenting today a few ideas on the future of the European Union and its governance. Those ideas were discussed in Viana do Castelo at the same time the European Council was gathered, last week of April.

Atlantic mayors would rule the EU through two different instruments:

  1. The European Citizens’ Initiative, that should be promoted and strengthened, so as to make it one of the pillars of EU decision-making.
  2. Completing the multi-level system of governance with a European urban body, capable of developing a structured dialogue, and of serving as a sounding board for cities and citizens.

In order to do so, Atlantic Mayors propose a thorough application of seven major principles for the future of the European Union:

  1. The European Union as a solidarity project.
  2. The European project is based on territorial cooperation; Europe is a territory of territories.
  3. Europe is an urban continent.
  4. Europe is a citizens’ project.
  5. The basis of the European project is its common and, at the same time, diverse culture.
  6. Europe is blue. The sea is one of the bases for its sustainable development.
  7. Europe is green. European and, at the top, Atlantic cities are the best positioned to fight against climate change.

Those were the engagements taken by the Atlantic Mayors, who are open to discuss them with the EU institutions and any other organisation that may be interested in working together for a better future.


Tamara Guirao Espiñeira,
Secretary General of the Atlantic Cities




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