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Stéphanie Roos-Faujour is the founder and the manager director of Sea to sea, a communication agency dedicated to maritime economy, maritime training and education and industry.

Since she was a little girl she has the taste of languages and discovering new countries, culture and meeting people. After a degree in foreign languages, she studied tourism and started working in this field. For five years, she was the manager of an International camping-site.

She started working for ITECHMER exhibition in 2002.

The first week she was working for ITECHMER, Stephanie participated in a maritime fair in Paris. It was her first contact with the maritime world and she really fell in love with it.

After 6 years, she decided to do something more for maritime and fishing sector and she created Sea to sea in 2008.

When asked what is the position of women in maritime affairs she replies that until recent years, women where the ones waiting quayside, crying and yearning for their man, gone sometimes for years to work at sea. Because it is a specific and dangerous environment, sea was nor for them. But she adds that: “Now we can say that all professions related to maritime fields are open to women now. They work in ocean sciences, fisheries, they are skipper of race boats through the Atlantic Ocean, Master of merchant ships, Captain in the Navy, mechanical…“ Women are able, but sometimes not welcomed.

For women who hesitate to work in maritime affairs, she says: “Times are changing, go ahead; be the new conquerors!” She thinks with their sensitivity, their sense of responsibility, their creativity and their sense of listening, they will be the ones who will bear the future of the oceans in their hands.

She concludes with «Women carry life, they carry the world and they carry the sea.”


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