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When I explain that the Atlantic Cities are looking at the Sea, even those who are not in the coast; I am sure that the audience thinks of a sad lady waiting (and longing) for her lover to return from far away. However, sea affairs have evolved and now those women have taken the wheel and are at command!


In addition, today the Atlantic Maritime Strategy represents an exceptional opportunity to assert the potential of the Atlantic cities towards Blue Growth. In this framework, the Conference of the Atlantic Arc Cities works at building a new image of the maritime economy and water as a cycle, preparing the post 2020 maritime (and water) policy.

So, the Atlantic urban network has created an advertising campaign, “She for Sea“, aiming at visibility of the role of the women who work in maritime affairs.

In January, more than 20 of those women have been contacted. Publications will start in February. Please don’t hesitate to recommend us more names to participate in this campaign.


Tamara Guirao

CAAC Secretary-General

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