Atlantic Cities

The Atlantic Arc is composed by the western territories of Europe, from Scotland to the Canary Islands. As a cooperation area, 2017 can be a very challenging year. While other levels of government are getting ready for negotiations, the local level has opted for a more practical stance, speaking about daily problems like governance, urban development or the water cycle.

In this framework, the City of A Coruña has been selected as the seat of one of the local dialogues of the Committee of the Regions. In cooperation with the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, this event will be focusing on Atlantic Cities’ Challenges in the eve of the Brexit.

This conference will be held on February 10th, 2017 and it is intended for representatives of the Atlantic cities and regions, universities, chambers of commerce, and other representative organisations of the civil society.

Their conclusions will be published in a report directed to the Committee of the Regions and other European institutions. Furthermore, the mayors of the Atlantic cities will gather the following day, 11th February 2017, for an extraordinary Executive Bureau in the City of A Coruña. This meeting will serve to establish a roadmap of the Atlantic cities in a changing context.

This is not a Brexit yes-no conference. From an urban diplomacy perspective, ambitions, expectations, challenges and opportunities ahead for the cities located in the Atlantic Arc are now the priority.


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